Shilpa Shetty's role in Big Brother 2007

Shilpa Shetty wins Celebrity Big Brother by public vote

Shilpa Shetty is now synonymous with Big Brother since Celebrity Big Brother 2007 aired on UK channel 4. The 31-year-old Bollywood actress (Bollywood is the name for the Indian movie industry. ' Bombay' and ' Hollywood' combines to form Bollywood) won the gold award at the 2007 Big Brother reality show organized by Channel 4 by grabbing 63 percent of the public votes.

Beautiful Bollywood actress & model Shilpa Shetty

Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 Shilpa had 63% of the vote

Racial comments from Jade Goody in Big Brother

Shilpa's role as a 'forgiving angel' received much appreciation from the celebrity world, but at the same time, raised the eyebrows of her fellow artists and the common man in India. The Indians were infuriated at the remarks made by the Big Brother inmates including the ringleader and the popular model Jade Goody at Shilpa and at the Indian culture. The House of Commons was so embarrassed by the entire episode that it took no time to declare a statement that whatever happened at the Channel 4 Studio does not represent the country's view on international relations, especially that with India, and that it has to be just viewed as a personal opinion of the participants. It was good from their part that they clarified their stand and substantiated the fact that Britain holds its values as a tolerant country and never encourages any kinds of racism.

Britain appalled at racial comments made within the BB house

Shilpa Shetty forgives Jade Goody publically on Big Brother

After winning the award at the Big Brother Show, Shilpa made her views clear to the audience saying that Jade Goody 'didn't mean to be racist'. She forgave her tormentor by giving her a clean chit from being racial, and described her nature as just aggressive, and not racist.
After being crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 at the finale of the British channel four reality TV show, Shilpa made a visit to her home town Mumbai (earlier Bombay) to meet her family and friends and also to complete her shooting for the Hindi movies - 'Metro' and 'Apne' and to call on the offers that were waiting in her home land.

Rumours of Jade & Shilpa starring together in bollywood film

Most interestingly, one of the famous Bollywood filmmakers, Shashilal Nair, has revealed his plans to make a Bollywood film starring Shilpa and her rival Jade Goody as protagonists in his new movie! To the surprise of all, Jade Goody recently made a 'bold' visit to India to meet the people of the country which she likes very much. She was seen with the orphans and the unprivileged children most of the time during her visit.

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